From the earliest forms of storytelling, to printed books circulating in libraries, Native writers have shared their histories, cultural knowledge, and visions for the Indigenous past, present, and future. This timeline will guide you through Native-authored literature from the Amherst College Digital Collections. To find more information about these collections, visit Amherst College Digital Collections, Native American Literature (Selections).

The Amherst College library has an active digitization program that focuses on providing free and open access to as many of our archival resources as possible. As we realized the rarity of some of the books in the collection, we wanted to explore ways to make them available online. All of the books represented in the timeline have been digitized and are in the public domain.

The Amherst College Archives & Special Collections are committed to the development of new modes of collaboration, engagement, and partnership with Indigenous peoples for the care and stewardship of past and future heritage collections. For more information about this Notice, visit If you are interested in collaborating, please contact